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Forbidden City Palace of the world world

Date:4/11/2015 07:26:44 PM

Palace of the land is full of stories of the land, in the Ming and Qing dynasties had 24 emperors lived here. 1925 October 10, the Forbidden City, the door suddenly opened, and witnessed by more than 3,000 celebrities, hung on the gates of the Forbidden City, Mr. Li Yuying writing "Palace Museum" plaque.

We propose "from the Palace to the Palace Museum." First, to enhance the Palace of Exhibitions. Palace of the exhibition is the original display the most important exhibition, distributed in a dozen palace, palace artifacts for this year is to make the environment, today in this environment, I think it is the best destination is the most dignified presentation. I do have a report to the National Palace Museum in Taipei, spoke only in the original habitat relics show, is most dignified, like some wandering lost overseas, there is no dignity, I found the following people Staring spells me. Forbidden City Hall of Supreme Harmony is only the placement of a plaque, couplets, the throne of Taiwan, screens, and only throne storytelling space, people will think of what happened here. We have a lot of places like three Greek Church, Deluxe Villa, a Royal Palace, also insisted original display.





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