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Chao, calligraphy Appreciation

Date:3/21/2015 07:27:32 PM

Chao, calligraphy, the highest achievement is the regular script and running script. There are regular script handed down masterpiece "guts Pakistan monument", "Miao Yan Temple in Huzhou," "Qiu Ngok monument" and so on; there are lower case "Ji An Biography"; a lot of running script works, such as "Goddess," volume "Chibi two Fu tie "," set Wu Lanting thirteen Postscript "and so on. The main feature of his work, or whether regular script running script, very neat, well-organized. Gentle, elegant is the main feature of his calligraphy. Although he had under Jin calligraphy deep work, but Jin exquisite calligraphy pen in his work almost did not reflect; or that he would subtlety Jin strokes to be greatly simplified. Nevertheless, his work is always filled with a noble, elegant atmosphere. It is entirely his deep knowledge, due to accomplishment.

His calligraphy achievements and ideas deeply influenced the later people. Only some of the famous contemporaries such as Deng original, fresh in pivot have to follow his example, and Evaluation on the Ming Dynasty, Wen Zhengming, Liu Yong Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong also draw a lot of nutrition. Yuan Dynasty calligraphy whole, almost enveloped in the shade of Zhao being. I can say that he is on the order of Jin and Tang, under the Qing blind an important bridge-type figure. He is, after Wang Xizhi, Yen Chen, then the third deep influence in the history of Chinese calligraphy masters.







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