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                                       Pengji phoenix-shaped zun 
                              Western Zhou Dynasty (1046B.C.-771 B.C.)

There is an inscription of 8 characters in 2 lines inside of the lid of this phoenix-shaped zun of early Western Zhou Dynasty as following, Pengji having this sacrificial vessel made for ancestral worship, clearly indicating this is a bronze sacrificial vessel made by a member of the famous Peng family of that period.
This piece of zun of 50 cm height is refined and well preserved. The whole shape is a phoenix standing proudly and raising its head on which there is a bud-shaped crest. Its hooked beak reaches forward while its tail spills down. On the back of the phoenix there is a domed lid with a small phoenix standing upright in a pleasant and contented look. Both the big and the small phoenix are decorated with such patterns as squamous bird feathers that are complicated and beautiful.
Dating back 3000 years ago, our ancestors especially worshiped the phoenix, thus people of Shang take it as totem and there is a so-called saying of the Phoenix giving birth to Shang people. While for people of Zhou, they regard the phoenix as the nation's patron saint and a auspicious sign. This piece of phoenix-shaped zun shows extraordinary momentum in its large body and unprecedented unique shape. It is the most exciting three-dimensional phoenix-shaped bronze zun discovered by now as well as a piece of extremely rare art treasure.

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