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                                   Bronze you with Deity-face Pattern
                             Western Zhou Dynasty (1046B.C.-771 B.C.)

This bronze you of early Western Zhou Dynasty is by now the most weirdly shaped and decorated one as well as the one of the highest artistic level.
Two sides of the lid and the body are the faces of deity with two horns, round eyes, straight nose and small ears. The face shows a feeling of mighty in a slight smile with his eyes widely open and two buckteeth protruding from its mouth. Amazingly, even if you change position, you can feel its eyes stare at you showing a feeling of in-taking your soul. There is an owl decoration standing on the top of lid. The hoop handle is made up of two dragons in one upward tail. There is a monster composed of a trunk, a bull's head and a ram's horn at each end of the handle. As for the central part of the body, there stands out a tapir's head. Tapir is a kind of anteater which currently can be found only in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian tropical regions. A double-body dragon is decorated on the ring foot. Its head is centered and protruding while the body is extending around. This exactly echoes with the double-body dragon on the hoop handle.
Experts believe that the deity decorated on the bronze you was the greatest god Tian Di and the dragon, owl, tapirs and the monster were the spirits in charge of various fields under the Tian Di.
No matter how complex their shapes are, bronze wares of the Shang and Zhou dynasties are decorated with various patterns on the surface. The differences among those bronze wares only lie in the depth and layers of patterns. But this piece of you is quite different as a completely three-dimensional work of art with extraordinary artistic appeal. Experts regard it as an art treasure of epic proportions, which can be described as a talented masterpiece.

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