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Drum Pedestal with Interlaced panchi Pattern
  Spring and Autumn Period (770-476B.C.)

The bizarrely shaped bronze vessel is like a large upside-down crucible. However, with a round pipe on its top through up and down, the vessel was used as a drum pedestal. On inspection, the interlaced panchi design on the vessel’s body is unexpectedly the same as that on the clay mould excavated in the bronze casting site of the Jin state in Houma, Shanxi Province, which demonstrates that the vessel was used as an aulic drum pedestal in the state of Jin in late Spring and Autumn Period.
In ancient China bell referred to chime bells, and drum referred to jian drum, which formed a complete set to play aulic music. Such a jian drum pedestal appears in the pictures of social life inlaid on the bronze hu vessel collected in the Poly Art Museum. This bronze drum pedestal is the only one of its kind discovered in the Central Plains and hence exceedingly precious.


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