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Long Human-shaped Shaft Lamp    
Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D.24)

This bronze lamp of Western Han Dynasty is the only dual-function lamp of Han Dynasty to be known for now. Its top is a round lamp tray which consists of two ring tracks. The inner ring has a thread of wick, used for holding a candle. The outer ring is an oil lamp whose outer wall has a small dragonhead-shaped spout. The wick soaked in oil can extend out through the spout and become a lamp when lighted.
The most artistic design about this lamp is the three small sculptures under the lamp plate. The sculptures are quite vivid. Half squatting down, they manage to lift up the thing on their shoulders. All of these three beings have a flat face with hair coiled up to form a bun. They only wear a pair of T-shaped shorts, and have tattoos over a large area of ​​their bodies, making them extremely similar to today's Japanese sumo wrestler. This lamp is one of the important real evidence to prove that Japan Sumo originates from China.

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