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Filament Patterned zun  
Han Dynasty  (206 B.C.-A.D.24)

This bronze zun is a wine vessel in Eastern Han Dynasty. Its body, like a flat and short cylinder, is decorated with scale-shaped or diamond-shaped filament patterns on the surface and three tiger-shaped short feet at the bottom. The cap of this zun is shaped into Boshan Mountain with complicated decorations, reproducing the fairy mountain over the sea in the mind of people of 2000 years ago: above the rolling mountains and floating clouds, a rose finch is flapping its wings. The mountain is haunted with wild beasts like dragons, tigers, deer, Kylins, jackals, wolves, etc. They’re running and leaping, charming in their own ways. Meanwhile, two monks are dancing happily. Such sculpture of Boshan Mountain is commonly seen on aroma burners like Boshan burner, but rarely used to decorate bronze zun like this one.
e to prove that Japan Sumo originates from China.

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