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Museum Introduction

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Museum Introduction

Poly Art Museum now has two thematic exhibition hall, including "Chinese ancient bronze art exhibition" featuring early Shang Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty (16th century BC to the 9th century) bronze treasures more than 150 (set) to show the development process and the unique charm of Chinese ancient bronze civilization, where the first three cows Shang Animal Mask-respect, respect for history, and Zhou Gang primary wine container wine container face of God, the king left for Ding Shou, then Duke Bin, Feng He first flat, Rong Health bells, etc., are all rare in the world of rare items and solitary. "Chinese ancient stone statues of Buddhist art on display," by more than 40 Northern Dynasties to the Tang Dynasty (AD 5th century to the 8th century) stone statues, outlines the charm pinnacle of Chinese Buddhist art. Where the Northern Dynasties (AD 6th century to the 7th century) Qingzhou area carving a group of Buddha, the preservation of the good, the process of fine, rare in the world. Even more unusual is that these exhibits belong to the Poly Art Museum first appeared, is that people understand the ancient Chinese art of bronze Buddhist sculptures and most important group of new data.


Since the completion and opening, Poly Art Museum has already received 40 million people all walks of life. May 2000 to date, the Poly Art Museum and the parties concerned to cooperate in the country has more than 40 urban centers in Hong Kong and Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Harbin, Xi'an, Tianjin, held a "Yuanmingyuan national treasure National tour event "has been visited by more than 12 million visitors. December 2001 to June 2002, the Poly Art Museum of 120 Treasures of the (group) were exhibited in Taipei and Taichung, Taiwan and Taiwan a sensation, to great acclaim. This exhibition is also the Taiwan media called one of the largest cross-strait cultural exchange activities since the recent times.


Poly Art Museum now employ nearly 50 domestic experts and scholars as a consultant. They are China's leading scholars in the field of Art, such as Su Bai, Xu Bangda, Li Xueqin, Jin Weinuo and a number of academics, and the late Mr. Qi Gong, Ma Chengyuan, Yu Weichao like, enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad. Poly Art Museum can be brought together so many leading scholars, but also created a new record in China's museum community Poly Art Museum.


Ancient Chinese bronzes and stone Buddhist statues, started since 1998, Poly Art Museum that is prudent to collect and display with high historical and artistic value as a key, determined not to do more than the whole, just fine, Jane, lean approach. Poly Art Museum collection mostly from overseas, collecting every piece of heritage, strictly follow the scientific program: In the case of non-payment of the proposed collection of relics shipped to the museum, to be followed by three or related fields three more experts to "back to back", respectively Kam trial, the experts unanimously affirmed in the case of its genuine and has a high historical and artistic value, suitable for museum, the parties to decide whether to call for; if any one of the proposed expert collecting artifacts disputed, will come up. The collection approaches to effectively ensure the Poly Art Museum collection of artifacts as both genuine and high quality, fine craft.


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