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Knowledge furnace Commodities

Date:4/25/2016 07:21:51 PM

The birth of the Ming Dynasty Xuande furnace opened a new chapter in the history of Chinese bronzes, which bears both the royal cultural tastes, but also to express the feelings of the literati literati, and later generations imitation respected; declared its honest sophisticated copper furnace , skilled craft elegant, beautiful correct shape, Wenrun Guang Su furnace color stand out.

The special gold Kyrgyzstan launched a total of 46 Ming copper stove works, selecting very carefully, the United States declared the furnace in which to do now, furnace abundant standard formula, each with beauty. Wherein a number of collection the famous Taiwan Tonglushang collectors of Mr. Yang Bingzhen, which shows its elegant copper stove preferences and the pursuit of perfection, it is rare.



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