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Appreciation painting language

Date:4/25/2016 07:21:09 PM

Development of painting language is never repeated successful model. As early as in the early Qing Shi Tao there saying: "When the ink with the times, the culture of poetry still turn." Artistic language value, reflected in the originality of the naturally occurring, reflected in the spirit of the times. We think in terms of body language Reorganizing at issue: material culture as a starting point, the beginning of artistic material variation from the 19th century, gradually evolved into artistic material, this is the facts. Prior to this, only the carrier material in the painting is to achieve technical support modeling language or languages ​​of two color aesthetic system. Painting language order at different times have different outstanding performance, the artist's talent is reflected in his language order conversion into superior control.

After 20 years in the world of art materials in the field of plastic arts gradually formed the twentieth century and the rapid development of new disciplinary system of arts education! This is the subject of a multidisciplinary, comprehensive development tendency, large high-tech industrial modernization direct impact significant changes in the concept of the artist, also in line with the trend of scientific and technological revolution lateral development. Workshops train an apprentice chef experience teaching gradually scale, replaced socialization science education system. Art materials in developed countries generally incorporated in a variety of plastic arts education system. The artist, art educator groups have shifted from a focus on material application technology (micro grasp) of their own significance and humanistic value of research material substance is present on the (macroscopic grasp). The body of material become an important form of direct dialogue Thinking people. People are not satisfied in the material as a carrier in the shape of "indirect" role of technology to enhance the strengthening material into the dominant position of artistic language, the concept of spiritual values ​​in order to achieve their own material substance and nature of the artist's aesthetic value. Modern Art realized longer use of only one language in the form of painting or a concept. With the expansion of the human spirit, the formation of multicultural, social civilization and progress, the artist's imagination, creativity gained unprecedented, colorful unprecedented development. Because the material as a breakthrough in the art of language, drawing from a planar multi-dimensional, fast developing two-dimensional to three-dimensional. Today, everything can become art materials and materials of art.

We come back to talk about easel painting. Tracking System depth study of European painting tradition of excellence, no matter what school of thought, ideas, forms and styles, from the characteristics of the application material characteristics distinguish in this tradition of excellence, the overall system can be summarized into two: water-based materials and oily materials. An aqueous-based is all kinds Danpei La (Tempera) system (SCIENCE before painting) by a different type of plastic mediated Danpei La emulsion of water and oil mixed media painting done agents. Materials used different media, screen effects are also different, the system after the system has gone through more than a thousand years BC, it is more simple, exquisite, vivid, natural, free of impurities, the spirit of unity in the mind and behavior among the blend, and Science consistent with the spirit of the former. As a painter of art materials continue to recognize, explore, improve, and gradually evolved into a combination of oil and mixed techniques of oil painting systems and Danpei La resinous oil system. Formed some time in the fourteenth century (technical process as "indirect method", that is commonly known as post-classical multi-layered transparent painting). To the seventeenth century Flanders (today's Belgium) master Rubens ambassador to Madrid, Spain to the young painter Velazquez Tantra "one-off" (Alla Prima meaning "one-off" - 1628) Videos law. This painting is the first to propose the concept of "direct method." Oil painting Danpei La evolved into pure oil has gone around about 200 years (technology process is "direct method" or more layers of the direct method). With the color revolutions Impressionism (painting after SCIENCES) achieved a "direct painting" in the true sense (that is, we now recognize master painting techniques). In this process, a modeling language to language primary and secondary color relations order fundamental conversion. This is a watershed, began painting full-factors from the pursuit of true performance, color dependent on shape, texture shape to complete the true color of the moment to strengthen the impression, impressionistic performance given time, the relationship between the color space, modeling concession to color, complete freehand aesthetic value of color. Following is the concept of expressionism fauvism color performance, subjective nature of his best confused mess wipe (concept color system) closer to the color language and laws of nature. "This can mean inconsistent, irrelevant, so with the closing of the association. At the moment, the art began to appear, the color, too, is no longer consistent with the natural color, the color began to produce ......" ([method] • Roland Bart "Wen Wyatt") this is a landmark evolution of many elements of the language of painting to rebuild a new order. For historical reasons, Chinese painting teaching if that is established in Europe nearly 300 years to the formation of "direct" on the (direct) painting system and development so far, as it is a more direct influence from the former Soviet academic or School Tour . European painting tradition of excellence in the development of nearly 2,000 years of rich "indirect" (indirect) painting system, the lack of adequate knowledge and learn. We are familiar with the works of these masters master, but little is known about their specific painting. I know not why. Since the difference between the changes in material properties, painting thinking, aesthetic taste standards and technical means of expression are not the same. Whether or not seems to have similar artistic effect, a similar method and the actual surface of the painting and not like! Actually works over time, the nature of the material used, different methods, often bring a completely different result. "Without a basic understanding of the material, we are slaves of the material, or with its fine tradition of the old masters as compared to some of the adventurers. It was on these fine traditions, generation of artists to stand on the shoulders of generation of artists." ( Germany cited Marx • Duo Naier "The Materials of the Artist".)

Chinese Zen enlightenment and gradual enlightenment points two schools, which is a different way around the mass of different people choose to take in. Today, our higher arts education, which requires strict progressive solid foundation, but more nimble and creative arts closer to the essence of the law of cultural consciousness. This fundamental consciousness this should be the higher of the Chinese art education, art education process is to open the door of wisdom process. Mastery order to select the language, the language of the relationship between the diameter of the research practice, it may drive up to the other side of art. In short, the classic clear language to convey the relationship established in order from fresh language and spirit of the times closely integrated, in order to realize higher art education. Here is twofold freedom throughout the times and forms of art spiritual painting language arts content in a dual blend obtained in the interpretation of the era leading spirit.

To study painting bulk material the main line runs through from the traditional art and contemporary art, from painting The Evolution of the relationship between language and the language order to start to explore the ancient tradition of painting it is to learn to convert those great art is not known to us in the past expressive and aesthetic value of the painting language and humanistic spirit. Today we join in the reconstruction of artistic language where? Depth and breadth of its cultural origins of our artistic development orientation are essential, so to get out of the traditional narrow painting, pen and ink with the Era. Our era is unavoidable, it is a long history stricken Vicissitudes walked in front of us, here is rich in cultural heritage and human intelligence, also have great artistic expressive language relating to the aesthetic value of art and the human spirit, it's all very need to calm thinking choice and reference. Material generates a conversion as the main language of art, it will be in between the traditional and modern, ethnic and contemporary, to establish an essential time tunnel between East and Western painting. Traditional build the ultimate aim is to combine the need for the development of traditional language personality. This result "recombinant language of painting new order" should form a national spirit and traditional connotations personalized contemporary language. Strengthen personality, publicity of contemporary spirit at the same time should not be lightly abandoned tradition of excellence in valuable experience. We advocate material and performance, where both material and spiritual substance material creative application, but also the method to study the performance of the humanistic spirit, which is very important to an artistic whole. Mental barrier material and the presence of the material that has the vitality.

How to make their own artistic development options? Reconstruction era language of painting new order is combined epistemology and methodology, that is to find the sensitive point suited to their development needs in quality between language material, shape and color language language mutual relations, the starting point combined points. This point may be figurative or non-figurative images or abstract. In these three elements of the law work in painting language, language can make a variety of drawing materials artistic elements reintegration into the infinite possibilities it deserved higher arts education into our system, it presents us with a new highly development potential of the contemporary art space.




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