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Qing Dynasty jade lecture

Date:4/25/2016 07:20:12 PM

 "Static meso good fortune: Qing Dynasty palace jade art exhibition" "In line with the Poly Art Museum" quiet meso good fortune - Qing court jade art exhibition "and published a catalog of the same name. The exhibition features a number of the Qing court jade Qianlong period is the most superior quality, the number of rich, wide range, can be described as unprecedented the event. View from the static in the good fortune of the emperor busy chapter printed text, meaning imperial aside earthly troubles, contemplation of marvelous good fortune of the universe in a state of Emptiness. Jade being the bell of the world scenery, good Handicraft pondering, won power worthy of good fortune, the emperor of leisure admiration of a few million to cheer jade Yue, described Kiyotaka blessing. The exhibition will be divided into judgments jade jade exhibition, religious ritual jade furnishings jade, jade Wen room, living with jade, jade ornaments, antique Hindustan jade eight categories introduced one by one, showing extraordinary quality jade Qing court and deep cultural connotation, and also I like to take the gentleman in front of you jade Dramas Generation legacy, join now, and carry forward the Chinese jade culture "static meso good fortune: Qing Dynasty palace jade art exhibition" picture beautiful, well-made, high-quality for the study and appreciation of important reference materials of jade Qing court.


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