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Ming and Qing Painting and Calligraphy appreciation often Conservation Lecture

Date:4/25/2016 07:17:18 PM


July 6, 1952 Born in Beijing. In 1978, Chang Conservation with the first record was admitted to the National Palace Museum painting professional copy. Since then, the "copy painting champion" at the Palace often Conservation copy is to be a painting studio for 35 years, he was also in charge of G studio for 10 years, and the Forbidden City, and copy painted forged a bond.

30 years, often Conservation systematically mastered the north and south factions since the Tang and Song heritage context of each academy and ink painting appreciation rich theoretical and practical experience in pen and ink. For the country to depict the Tang Lu stunned Ka "Six Venerable like" Song Zhao Ji "Tianshui G Ms. Zhang Xuanguo States Spring Outing" Yuan Chao, "riding map", Ming Qiu Ying "G Shaw according to ZTE Ruiying map" Ming Ding Yunpeng "up Mount as "Ming Guo Xu" Antarctic longevity map "and many other national-level cultural relics; bear Tang" Ranger map "element" ren renfa Chang Ming Huang see "two national treasure paintings of" open face "high depict work .

Mogu many years, the Pro ancient, ancient paintings, so often Conservation of landscapes, figures, flowers and birds are covered, analytical classic Famous active cultural elements, follow the previous way to move forward, and you opened a have me, I have you have to stay alive to continue tradition of ink painting, and for college teaching practice.

After years of practice in the art, who taught Mr. Zhang Boju, Pan Su, Liubo Qin, Xiaolao, Chang sound, hereby Pan Jie, Huang Yongyu, Wong Kwan, Wu Hung Wan Qingli like. Mr. Zhang Boju times as big collector often Conservation Incentives work after school with the inscription, Mr. by Yu inscription: Teng Xiang candid. Huang Yongyu gift "strict" word, handwritten by Mr. Xiaolao, Mr. Wang Zhaowen works like "vivid" and collections. Professor of the Central Academy of Mr. Huang Jun, after watching his paintings copy gladly wrote the inscription: "predecessors says: 'Can painting giant Ferris edge, but also the degree of rust lilies, side, said experts.' This concept of Conservation painting, when this well-deserved honor, Conservation Comrade G Tianshui Mrs. Guo spring Outing, Jiyu spurious, he is amazing. "

Paul often stand at the Palace spare time to take classes only way the ancients, the obligation to teach the ancient painting of the law college students. Conservation often also interested in social welfare activities, care for the motherland's peaceful reunification cause of China's peaceful reunification as Promotion Association, China Yanhuang Culture Research Association, the Ministry of Culture, government websites painter, deputy director of the Culture and Arts Association Central Committee, the National Library Wenjin Forum Professor other social functions.



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