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Poly teachers often take you to see paintings

Date:4/25/2016 07:15:35 PM


Chang Bao Li, born in Beijing in 1952. China Peaceful Reunification Association, China Yanhuang Culture Research Association, the Association for Promoting Democracy Central Committee, deputy director of the Arts Council, the National Library Wenjin Forum Distinguished Professor, National Palace Museum Research Associate, Chinese intangible cultural heritage inheritors painting copy.

Early years under the famous calligrapher Mr. Liu Boqin. The Cultural Revolution, the private study paintings from Mr. Zhang Boju, Pan Su wife.

1978, first admitted to the National Palace Museum has thirty-seven years of professional painting copy, years of study, master the Tang and Song dynasties since the north and south factions heritage context of the academy and ink painting is rich in various appreciation of the theory and ink experience, depict Tang "Lu stunned Gad six Venerable like" Song "Zhao Ji G Ms. Zhang Xuanguo States spring Outing" yuan "Zhao Meng riding map", that "Qiu Ying G Shaw according to ZTE Rui Ying map ", that" Ding Yunpeng Dharma like "Ming" Guo Xu Antarctic longevity map "and many other national heritage.

Its classical-style ink paintings especially for the most ancient horses. Good at painting cats, the "Elvis" reputation.

Four solo exhibitions at home and abroad.

2008 submitted to the National Palace Museum: Chinese intangible cultural heritage inheritors painting copy.

This high copy painting skills, scarce specialty industries around the world on the last few remaining people. Conservation practitioners often is one of the longest serving staff, is the Chinese intangible cultural heritage inheritors copy painting is the only master the north and south factions ancient paintings successors. We have the responsibility to this ancient lost art quintessence inherit it. To this end, Mr. Chang was invited to lecture CAFA cultural institutions, the National Library, finishing past historical data, the CPPCC National People's Congress twice to write "G Painting on Campus" proposal, Mr. Chang Conservation to tell the young, "the ancients how to paint. "



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