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Guqin Appreciation

Date:4/25/2016 07:14:37 PM

  Ming Dynasty is a very splendid material culture of the times, few previous text character and lifestyle tours in the era of commodity culture is widely spread, Various literary life as a cultural fashion entire era. Poetry and painting have become literate and passionate yearning groups in the school of piano culture in the Ming Dynasty has also been greatly developed. Pianist, along with the emergence of sheet music. Extensive accumulation of learning piano, violin knowledge and experience, creating a model for a lot of violin masters. Suzhou Soochow ancient resort, that is since the Han Wu Qinpai origin, later Yushan, also comes from send Guangling Wu. Wu Qin Wu painting Tragic as the wind calm, in the garden, in spring do not have some exotic life. Therefore there must be a place of Art with a land of the device and should be. Suzhou famous Ming Dynasty to the number of repair including Zhang Min Zhang, including five brothers. Are all violin Nade, "known as the up and down hundreds of years, Paul invincible hand." Zhang Min repair luthier known for elegant lines, sophisticated paint name known to the world. This panel Paulownia piano, Zhen ivory, inlaid with mother emblem. From the inside looking longchi visible panel incised "Old Wu Zhangmin repair Zhuo" Kaizi. Qin amount of short side, close the inner neck slim shoulder micro towering, slender waist, and clear edges and corners, the whole line handsome Yi, Wu Ming is a typical style. Whole body covered with ox hair off, broken lines Janus emblem four following seven strings between being polished, showing the piano is often manipulated. Its tone indifferent distant, clear Lancon thoroughly, thoroughly hook pick between Linquan feel ethereal, trance swim four hundred years ago between Wu and Yue.


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